Black Soap (200 g)

Price: 70 AED

Black soap with essential oil of bitter Oranger leaves (Citrus aurantium - Rutaceae), which assure relaxation and rest.

It is recommended to avoid massages with black soap, it may provoke skin irritation and dermocausticity.

Use : apply about 30 g (the equivalent of large spoon) of soap on the entire body, avoiding the mucous membranes, leave it for ten minutes before rinsing and then scrub.

Attention ! :

- The black soap is not made out of black smashed olives or olive vegetable water!

- The black soap should not smell like fish (problem related to use of fish waste instead of potassium, to obtain saponification).

- The black soap should not smell like diesel! it means in this case that it is mixed with cars drain oil, in order to obtain a very black color supposedly to characterize quality!.

- The black soap is presented mainly as a slightly black color which tends toward brown, the color may be greenish sometimes, it depends on the initial color of pomace used and its origin.

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