Rose Water (100 ml)

Price: 70 AED

Extracted by water steam distillation of water, the Rose of Damascus petals (Rosa damascena - Rosaceae) and naturally rich in active ingredients, the floral water of roses is often recommended for the treatment of delicate skins. Astringent, it helps regulate sebum secretions and tends to prevent the appearance of thin lines and wrinkles. used in food, it is very popular in oriental culinary art. The rose water, have many properties and multiple indications :

Properties and Indications:

  • Toning and relaxing : it regenerates dull and devitalized skins.
  • Firming : it has an anti-aging effect.
  • Tightens skin tissue, it helps to prevent wrinkles and erase the marks of fatigue.
  • Astringent and purifying : it also gives a new glow to oily skin.
  • Softening : it is very convenient for dry and sensitive skins.
  • Perfumes body and clothes.

It can be used by spraying at any time of the day, to refresh the face, but also in compresses after cleansing to purify the skin, or mixed with a skin cream or a mask without letting it dry on the skin.

Note: Store in cool place, protected from light.

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