Rose Water

Price: 70 AED (100 ml)

Extracted by water steam distillation of water, the Rose of Damascus petals (Rosa damascena - Rosaceae) and naturally rich in active ingredients, the floral water of roses is often recommended for the treatment of delicate skins. Astringent, it helps regulate sebum secretions and tends to prevent the appearance of thin lines and wrinkles. used in food, it is very popular in oriental culinary art. The rose water, have many properties and multiple indications :

Black Soap - Bitter Orange and Argan

Price: 70 AED (200 g)

Black soap with essential oil of bitter Oranger leaves (Citrus aurantium - Rutaceae), which assure relaxation and rest.

Black Soap - Olive Oil and Eucalyptus

Price: 60 AED (200 g)

Black soap with essential oil of Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus globulus - Myrtaceae), which have relaxing and respiratory properties.